The Project

Reggae Toronto presents a full exploration of the music, people and places that made up Toronto’s reggae scene from the early 1970’s to the mid 1980’s that will include interviews, photographs, videos, a discography and selected recordings reveal the cultural context and personal stories behind the music being created at a vital stage in reggae music’s development.

Compiling a living, breathing archive where you can go and discover those artists who were important in the reggae scene in Toronto.

Reggae Toronto is being presented by artists, archivists, photographers and volunteers who love reggae music. The project also benefits from the support and involvement of some noteworthy collaborators. World-renowned photographer Beth Lesser has provided her library for the project. Key reggae artists and contributors of the time have also committed to take part including King Culture, Leroy Sibbles, Leroy Brown, Jerry Brown, Pluggy Satchmo and Oswald Creary, and Toronto’s first reggae radio-show host, David Kingston.